Pictures Explain: Article 2 of US Constitution in Simple Terms


Article 2 of the Constitution outlines the executive branch of the US Government. It gives particular attention to the president and his/her powers and responsibilities.

As it can be difficult to understand, we have explained the text of the 2nd article in simple words – summarizing the main points.

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  1. Section 4 Article 2 Then trump should have been thrown Out of office;;; he was impeached twice;;;;; If you are going to make the rules then follow them!!!!! Nixon left office when he was impeached;;; Impeaching a sitting president Twice and still let them remain in office is an Imbarresment to our Constitution and America;;;

  2. Impeachment aligns with a criminal indictment.
    Punishment only follows conviction.

    Remember “Innocent until proven guilty”?

    The Senate did NOT find Trump guilty of anything.

    When reading our Constitution, please read it more carefully.

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