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When Was Trump Impeached?

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President Donald Trump was impeached twice and remains the only person in the history of the American government to be impeached twice.

Why Impeach a Former President?

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Former United States President Donald Trump was impeached twice. While the first impeachment occurred while President Trump was in office, the second Senate impeachment trial began after his successor, President Joe Biden, entered the White House. The timing of this trial caused a big stir, both from Donald Trump’s advocates in the Republican Party in Congress and from observers on social media. Why impeach a former president, and why not pursue an alternate route to seek justice?

What Does the Constitution Say About Impeachment?

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Article 1, Section 2 of the United States Constitution gives The House of Representatives the power to start the impeachment process. For a balance of power and democracy, the United States Senate reviews the information and investigates and tries all impeachment cases.

What are the Steps of the Impeachment Process?

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Who Can Face Impeachment? Impeachment is part of the United States Constitution for the event that the President, Vice President, or other civil officers have committed a misdemeanor such as bribery, treason, or any other high crime. In these circumstances, Congress has the power and authority to begin the impeachment process and ultimately remove the […]

Read the Text of Trump’s Impeachment Letter to Pelosi

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Related resources to Donald J. Trump: The following text is taken directly from President Donald Trump’s letter to the Speaker of the House – Nancy Pelosi. Click here if you prefer to read a PDF version of Trump’s letter. Dear Madam Speaker: I write to express my strongest and most powerful protest against the partisan […]

Trump’s Letter to Pelosi PDF (Original)

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First page of Trump’s letter to Pelosi on the eve of his impeachment vote Click here to read the text online of Trump’s letter to Pelosi On the eve of the impeachment vote for President Donald Trump, he sent a letter to the speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi. This letter is dated 17th December […]