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How do you renew a green card?

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A green card in the United States of America is a permit allowing a foreign national to work and permanently live in the country. Many foreign nationals use a green card to begin a new life in America. The green card allows them to have many privileges that citizens carry.

Children can go to school, people can buy a home, work, and a myriad of other things with a green card.

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How To Renew A Green Card

There are six steps to renew your green card. These include:

  1. start early
  2. complete the green card I90 application
  3. pay the green card renewal fee
  4. wait for status and notification
  5. schedule a fingerprint appointment
  6. complete the additional paperwork if needed

Start Application Process Early

It is best to start the green card I90 application early to give yourself enough time for the government to complete the process. Experts usually say to apply at least 6 months prior to when your green card expires.

The process is long simply because there are many green card renewal forms that need to be processed by the American government. There is also a lot of background information and research needed before approval can be given.

Complete The I90 Green Card Form

Complete the I90 green card form entirely. You cannot move forward to the next step until the form is completed. Take your time and answer the questions honestly. It is important that you put the correct information on the form,

You may ask The United States Customs and Immigration Service or USCIS about any questions you have about the green card form. They are in charge of reviewing immigration applications, placing a red flag on any security risks, and approving immigrant applications.

Pay The Green Card Renewal Fee

You will need to pay the green card renewal fee before moving to the next step. The USCIS accepts Discover, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, checks, and money orders. Do not use initials on the checks to ensure they are properly authorized for approval by your bank.

The payment for the I90 green card application form is a one-time fee of $540. You will not be able to move forward to the next step until your payment has been processed.

Wait For Status And Notification

After your payment has been processed by the USCIS, you will receive a notification either in the mail or via text if you filed electronically. Notifications vary depending upon the review process.

If you need to question your case status, you may call your local immigration office to get the answers you need. Being persistent is important to get answers about your case status.

Schedule A Fingerprint Appointment

Scheduling a fingerprint appointment is the next step in the green card renewal process. Fingerprints are unique to you and will show the American government your history in courts and other vital places.

If you have a felony on your application, you may have issues during the renewal application process. The American government is looking to make sure that there will be no trouble with you as a green cardholder.

Complete Additional Paperwork If Needed

The USCIS or United States Customs and Immigration Service may require additional documents or information. They will send you a checklist which must be completed with the necessary documents mailed in.

The USCIS may also want to schedule an interview session before approving and releasing your renewed green card. There may be specific questions they will need to know before approval can be given.

In Summary

These are the 6 steps for renewing your I90 renewal green card:

Remember to begin the process early to ensure the American government processes your application before the old green card expires. Complete the application entirely and be honest about your contact information. Pay the one-time renewal fee of $540.

The USCIS accepts Discover, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, money orders, and checks. Wait for case status and notification that will come in the mail or via text if you filed your case renewal electronically. Schedule a fingerprint appointment so that a background check can be done. Send in additional documents from the USCIS checklist, interview with the immigration officer, and wait for approval of your I90 green card.

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