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How To Find Someone To Marry For A Green Card

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With how difficult it is to legally acquire a green card, many consider finding a U.S. spouse to be their best bet.

Getting a Green Card is Tough

The process for getting a Permanent Resident Card (i.e., green card) is arguably one of the most difficult things you can do in the U.S., and something millions of Americans never has to even consider simply because of where they were born.

Less than 1 million people are admitted into the country as permanent residents every year, with over 6 million applying and an additional 5.5 million applications pending.

That means you’ve barely got a 9% chance of legally getting into the US via a green card application.

And this is if you haven’t done anything particularly egregious and are playing by the rules either while in the US or your home country. If you’ve overstayed your visa, you’re not even in the running for another 10 years.

Is Marrying For a Green Card the Solution?

Well, legally it’s not. However, purely from practicality, getting married to a US citizen cuts through a lot of red tape, and essentially cuts you through to the head of the line almost overnight.

Essentially, you can cut a 17-month process in half with an almost guaranteed success rate.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Marry For a Green Card?

This is where the “legal” part comes in.

As you can see, for a foreigner that wants to enter the country, finding a US spouse can pretty much ensure that it happens provided that the marriage is legal. If it’s determined that your marriage is fraudulent or a “sham wedding,” you can end up being deported back to your home country and barred from ever entering the US again.

Still, some people are willing to take that risk. If you are willing to risk a permanent ban on entering the country – on top of ensuring that your co-conspirator is sent to prison for up to five years – then this will go over the best ways to find a spouse to marry to get a green card.

Method #1. Join a Mail-Order Website

If you are a woman and currently living outside of the US, one of your most accessible methods is by going online and joining a mail-order bride service. These websites should be heavily vetted as many can be fronts for human trafficking.

If you do find a legitimate one, however, you’ll want to make yourself as attractive and appealing as possible. Spend some time in the gym. Invest in some good makeup and clothing. Work on speaking English. You want to make yourself as desirable as possible by as many men as possible.

You’ll also want to lower your expectations of the men that you come across. Expect them to be older and larger. Also, consider that they may not have nearly as much money as you’d expect an American man should have.

Method #2. Put Yourself Out There on Instagram

This method works for both men and women and can be done in or out of the states. By putting yourself out there on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms, you can put yourself in the proximity of countless US men and women. If you follow the aforementioned steps in Method #1 (make yourself more appealing / lower your expectations), you can put yourself in the perfect position to meet someone willing to marry you.

Unlike the mail-order method, which puts a person in front of you, going on social media will require you to go out and find someone. If you are in great shape and have taken some good pictures, you’ll want to approach a variety of different men/women and be willing to ignore looks entirely and approach as many people as possible.

Once you’ve established a relationship, you can try to meet them in person, either asking them to come to your country or attempting to meet them in the US.

After you’ve effectively established a relationship with the person and they are interested in you, strongly push for marriage and emphasize that your culture views it as highly important. You’ll also want to have at least two or three other prospects on hold to ensure you have options.

Method #3. Do Networking

Finally, if you are in the US, one of the most surefire methods you can do is to find someone to go in with you and get married for a green card. You’ll want to make sure they are willing to play along and do what needs to be done to make the marriage look legitimate. This can be pretty expensive, so don’t try it unless you’re willing to spend upwards of 10 thousand dollars for their compliance.

You’ll also need to work with them to ensure your marriage appears air-tight and as legitimate as possible. Remember, this can not only put you in jeopardy but them as well. If you both are willing to assume the risk and you’ve got the money, this can be one of the most effective ways into the US.

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