How Much is Donald Trump Worth?

How Much is Donald Trump Worth?

Trump Amassed a Fortune Prior to 2016 Election

Even before becoming president in 2017, Donald Trump was one of the most famous and influential men in US politics, placing him among some of the highest-earning individuals in the country. However, not all of his wealth came from his term as president, and in this article, you will not only be introduced to the reasons for Trump’s high net worth but will also look at how it has fluctuated over his long-spanned career.

What is Donald Trump’s Net Worth?

As of September 2021, Mr. Trump was worth an enormous $2.5 billion, putting him 1300th on Forbes’ list of the wealthiest people in the world. Interestingly, this is, in fact, a massive drop from where he had been previously placed, as his net worth seems to have dropped quite considerably in recent years.

What Factors Cause Trump’s Wealth?


There are several things to consider when looking at the money Donald Trump earns. Firstly, we should remember his family background and how the money his father made in real estate, which was inherited in 1999, will have added a small sum to his overall net worth.

In addition, it’s no secret that Trump has been gifted what is definitely seen as a sizeable trust fund, also due to his father’s careful financial planning for the future.


As well as using his father as a springboard for success, Donald Trump’s work as a businessman before entering the world of politics greatly increased his earning potential. By selling his first hotel in 1996, he was able to start investing in bigger businesses before building his empire and shooting his net worth through the roof.

Photo of President Donald Trump
Donald Trump’s net worth decreased considerably during his presidency.

Possible Fraudulence

While this is merely a speculation and most likely an exaggerated media story, it is possible that Donald Trump committed insurance, tax, and banking fraud in early 2021, an allegation that has only recently come to light. With an income like Trump’s, avoiding tax would certainly save thousands if not millions in USD, which would significantly add to his worth.

How Much has Donald Trump been Worth in the Past?

Believe it or not, $2.5 billion is one of the lower amounts Trump has ever been worth. His wealth has decreased over the past few years, despite only losing his presidential status last year (2021). As an example of this decline, we can see that his net worths in 2018 and 2015 were $3.1 and $8.7 billion, respectively. So in 6 years, his income has almost quartered, a drop of 400%.

Looking at the figures, Trump’s peak was in 2015, the year he earned $8.7 billion. So our next question should be, “What are the reasons for his sudden decline in wealth?”

Why Has There Been Such a Big Decline in his Wealth?

Surprisingly, one of the main reasons for the decline in Trump’s wealth is his role as United States President. His campaign cost him a lot of money, and although he then won, the $400,000 salary of a President doesn’t compare to what he was earning previously when the focus was on business. As well as this, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a massive economic shockwave, leaving most of his hotels, restaurants, and other businesses in a ton of debt that desperately needed paying off, directly from his pocket.

That said, the pandemic affected every single person on the planet, giving us reason to question the real reason Trump has dropped so far down the Forbes’ Rich List. Upon inspection, it seems that Trump’s biggest downfall was in his loss of credibility. His refusal to accept the results of the election left even some of his most ardent supporters in shock, and the general population’s respect for former President Donald Trump dropped even lower than it was previously.

So while Trump remains in the very top percentage of people in terms of his riches, his net worth has fluctuated massively over the last decade, with several factors contributing to this. His decline in popularity and the destructive path of COVID-19 are two of them. Trump has had his fair share of luck, coming from a wealthy background, but ultimately his own actions have led him to his current $2.5 billion worth.

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